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Cyan 19:32, 10 Dec 2003 (UTC)

Hi there, I've noticed that in Rabwah, you keep putting a certain sentence about the name of the city at the top, in small font. This isn't the way most Wikipedia articles are formatted; the standard formatting is described in the Manual of Style. Could you please leave a note at Talk:Rabwah saying why this article should not conform to the standard format? Thanks, Cyan 23:41, 10 Dec 2003 (UTC)

What is your problem with the placement of the sentence in Rabwah. As you can read in our manual of style it is the usual policy to have the first sentence of an article containing the most relevant information about the topic, thus defining it. So someone searching for the word Rabwah can immidiatly recognize the article is about what he searched. The fact that the city was renamed is of course relevant to the article, but it is not defining it, thus should be put at a later place in the article. Insisting on something in the article without discussing it is not good wiki style.

How about changing the first sentence to something list this:

Rabwah (now Chanab Naghar, see below) is a city in the Punjab, Pakistan...

and then after the first paragraph or maybe in the history section a more elaborate description of the renaming (who ordered it? when (date) did it become effective - recently will become wrong in one year? Was there a poll by the residents against the renaming?). Sadly google did not find anything about the new name yet. andy 09:26, 11 Dec 2003 (UTC)

Hi andy. my problem is that i think this is the most important part about the city...that it's name has changed. so some people know it as Rabwah whilst others know it as Chanab Naghar. so immediatly people will know what the artcile is about. making it seperate makes it stand out too. I want it to stand out and since i am making this site mostly for my studies...i think it would best be placed at the top...even if it doesn't conform with most wikipedia formatted articles.